Hypnosis is the control of thought and action through suggestion.

If you can learn than you can be hypnotized because in order to learn you must be suggestible.

Hypnosis feels like ‘hypnosis’ – it’s different for everybody. Typically, people will report experiencing a sense of  time/temporal distortion, the absence of inhibitions, and/or an overall sense of well-being.

The purpose of hypnosis is to take back control over the areas of your life where you feel like you have already lost control.

After being hypnotized an individual may or may not experience partial or complete amnesia unless it has been suggested otherwise by the hypnotist.

Absolutely. Hypnosis is safe, natural, & free from any adverse side effects.

Generally, 2 – 4 sessions per problem/issue is all that is required, but results may vary from person to person.

Because hypnosis is a powerful tool and it could change your life!

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