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Charlee Karina
Charlee Karina

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

I am so grateful I got to meet Paul, he is super professional and a wonderful Hypnotherapist.

Well, it has been 2 in a half months and 20lbs later lol!
Paul really really help me to focus on my eating. I have been struggling to go back to my weight and to feel better about myself for a while now and after only one session or RTT I was already on my way, changing stuff around me, feeling better, eating better and wow so many more fabulous things. After the second session I am having so many ideas, feeling wonderful and thinking about my own business.
I recommend RTT to everybody this is just something truly amazing and it can Help improve your life sooooooo MUCH.

Thank you so very Much PAUL


5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I want to thank Paul for helping me get over my fear of flying. I'm in my mid 40s and I thought there was no chance that I could get over my fear of flying. I tried everything, alcohol, prescription drugs, but nothing helped. Thanks to Paul's help I actually love to get on an airplane now!! Thank you again!!


5 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

Paul was very welcoming and kind right from the start. The session was comfortable and overall a great experience. He was very honest and easy to contact and even made sure to follow up. Overall I had an amazing and unforgettable experience that truly changed myself. Highly recommend giving hypnosis a try, especially with Paul !

Paul Norrish Hypnosis Toronto
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Charlee Karina
Charlee Karina
I am so grateful I got to meet Paul, he is super professional and a wonderful Hypnotherapist. Well, it has been 2 in a half months and 20lbs later lol! Paul really really help me to focus on my eating. I have been struggling to go back to my weight and to feel better about myself for a while now and after only one session or RTT I was already on my way, changing stuff around me, feeling better, eating better and wow so many more fabulous things. After the second session I am having so many ideas, feeling wonderful and thinking about my own business. I recommend RTT to everybody this is just something truly amazing and it can Help improve your life sooooooo MUCH. Thank you so very Much PAUL <3
Linda Plant
Linda Plant
Paul is amazing! In a very brief session he showed me his talent and skills by helping me change a strong food craving. I will definitely be working with him to help me with some fears and anxieties I have. Thank you Paul!!
Laura-Jean Bernhardson
Laura-Jean Bernhardson
I had never had hypnosis before but on the recommendation of a friend who had been to see Paul, I thought I'd give it a try. I was having some anxiety and depression which is kind of a cyclical thing with me, and I was ready to try something new to move through it more quickly. I was amazed how I felt right after the session with Paul. Very free and released from the past. He sent home a recording to use at home to reinforce the results of the session. 21 days of listening to the recording has left me feeling like I'm building new thought patterns that serve me way better and leave me free of those old thought patterns. Or at least much freer. I wouldn't say I'm miraculously cured from one session but it has been a HUGE help and I will definitely go back!
Loraine Makowski-Heaton
Loraine Makowski-Heaton
I have had a fear of heights which came on after an incident on the way back down from a charity climb of Ben Nevis, a Mountain in Scotland, some 20 years ago. This fear of heights has got progressively worse over the years and I have tried various things to counteract the feelings I get such as shaking, palpitations, shortness of breath, feeling sick etc. but with no effect. I recently had a skype session with Paul Norrish and I was really impressed with the speed in which the feelings in the session seemed to subside. Shortly after the session I stayed in a hotel at Heathrow airport, where I also stayed a year ago. In the hotel they have an atrium with several glass walkways for each floor that cross from one side of the atrium to the other. Last year I really struggled to walk to the middle of the walkway where the lift is and had to hang on to my husband for ‘safety’. This year, I didn’t think about it, it was only after I crossed the walkway that I realised what I had done, and on the fourth floor – wow!!! I am so impressed and would recommend Paul to anyone. Thank you Paul, I really appreciate your help, you’re a star!

Client Feedback



“I have noticed that I feel more relaxed about work performance and life in general. I also told my manager at my second job that I need to cut back on my availability even though I knew she would not be happy about it. Normally, I would feel immense guilt for not just doing whatever was asked of me in order to keep the peace, but instead I am looking forward to some much needed “me time”. I am also feeling more joyful and playful and enjoying my many blessings. I am feeling optimistic about my future and feel less urgency to work and keep busy and please others .”

– Anna

Gaylord, Michigan


Fear Of Commitment


“I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks already. I’ve really enjoyed listening to the sessions everyday.

I truly am feeling a difference. I’ve been putting so much work into my business, putting myself out there and feeling confident about my choices. I’ve been making videos, reaching out to people and will even film a webinar…all things I was very nervous about doing before.

So, thank you so much for making this possible for me.”

–  Joanna

Tillsonburg, Ontario


Quitting Smoking


“Before seeing Paul to help me quit smoking my expectations were low, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I’m feeling great. The techniques he showed me helped me quit for over two months so far.

What’s been most beneficial has been the repetition of listening to the recording.


– ED

Toronto, Ontario


Food Craving (Chips)


“Since we saw each other, I have had no desire for chips…..I did go to the cupboard a couple of days ago and out of boredom, put some in a bowl. I ate a few and realized I wasn’t enjoying them so I put the rest back in the bag!”

– Linda

Exeter, Ontario


Perfectionism / Stress


“I know it’s been a while, but I just wanted to say thank you. Simply put, your work and recording helped pave the way for finding greater joy in my life.”

– Client

Aurora, Ontario 


Negative Beliefs, Low Self-Esteem & Self-Doubt


“I feel really good. I think the changes have been shocking and getting used to them and replacing the old thoughts with good ones has been very interesting! I’m interested to see where I’ll be in the next few weeks/months!

I do notice a massive difference…

And would 100% recommend you to everyone!”

– Kaitlin

Bolton, Ontario


Critical Voice, Self-Worth Issues


“The feeling is hard to describe but it’s definitely beyond a subtle shift. It’s a visceral shift from a loud critical hurtful voice to a gentler, kinder voice that comes from my own self-compassion and hearing of myself as opposed to a thought or something being imposed on me. I also feel like the puppet strings my family had attached to me have been cut. Now when they are rude, I see it, acknowledge how it feels and pass through it. Its doesn’t feel as much like a slap in my face because I can see how they are treating me as not a function of me but a function of them.

It’s quite incredible, RTT has been more effective than anything else I’ve done and I’ve done a lot of things! Of course everything has its role in growth but this has had the greatest before and after transformation for me.

It’s been a more penetrating experience that didn’t require any intellectualization so it made it more accurate and effective in actually changing how you relate to fundamental ideas that you picked up as a kid

I think being able to talk about the issue before, do the hypnosis and then have a recording to practice is a good thorough end to end support tool.”

– Client

Toronto, Ontario


Emotional Eating / Addiction To Food


“It most certainly was a powerful session! It was my first hypnosis experience, and I have to thank you for making it such a good one! I felt safe and comfortable which helped relax enough to go deep.

The last two days have been incredible! I no longer feel powerless around food! I used to walk around with this constant feeling of “hunger, ” and now it’s gone. I am making better choices, listening to my body’s cues for satiety and overall, I feel good about myself. Physically, I feel lighter; my stomach feels flatter, and my whole body feels smaller. It is such an unusual sensation. I am completely aware of what my body size is, but my internal feeling is different.

I’ve gone from feeling powerless around food to feeling empowered! Being a Health and Life Coach who cannot control her food impulses had caused my self-confidence to suffer, which perpetuated the cycle. Now I feel at peace with everything and my relationship with food has become effortless.

I’m looking forward to witnessing my progress over the next few weeks. For the first time, in a long time, I am optimistic about my outcome. I cannot thank you enough! “

– Vesna

Newmarket, Ontario


Anxiety + Fear Of Being Hurt Physically & Emotionally


“I had a 90-minute RTT session with Paul followed up with 21 days of listening to a recording from the session. I found the session with Paul very useful and helpful. Paul was very responsive and easy to communicate with prior to my session and during the session. I felt at ease and well informed of what to expect. I was looking for a different approach to deal with my anxiety and am happy with the experience and the results so far. I definitely feel a shift and have been experiencing less anxiety and less intensity of fearful thoughts. I noticed a significant decrease in my anxiety and attachment to fearful thinking after the session and over the 21 days listening to the daily recording. I still feel like I have some work to do and am interested in working with Paul using different modalities/approaches in the future. What was unique for me about working with Paul was the speed in which I felt relief from symptoms of anxiety. I’ve worked with therapists in the past, and while helpful, talk therapy is a much slower healing process. I was looking for something that could provide a quicker shift, which this has done. And I feel like this will be a longer term change. Paul is professional and responsive, I appreciated him following up with me weekly after the session. He was also responsive and available to provide info prior to the session. Paul succeeded in meeting my expectations. Thank you Paul.”

– Kerri

Grimsby, Ontario


Anxiety, Motivation & Self-Worth


“I really liked my initial consult by phone with Paul. It helped me gain some clarity around RTT and what to expect.

My rate of “change”, in how I felt, seemed subtle at first but really increased by week 3. My anxiety disappeared at this point and major clarity kicked in! I feel so much more in control of my life, hopeful and motivated now.

Working with Paul has been a huge success. I can’t even believe I was once so anxious, depressed, and feeling so much confusion.

I’ve experienced a total 180 degree turn.

I love the speed at which the process works and how it really got to the core of my issue and dealt with it right in the first session. I also love the fact I received a recording to use on a daily basis to permanently reprogram my subconscious.

My friends are amazed at my transformation.”

– Patricia

Mississauga, Ontario


Panic Attacks (Fear Of Driving/Flying)


“I feel great. From the moment I left your office I noticed a change right away.

I have not had any panic attacks and that constant fearful thinking has gone away. I mean, I still have worries like everyone else but no major anxiety.
I feel confident and in control and that feels amazing.

I’m so grateful to just be able to do normal everyday activities again.”

– Sonia

Woodbridge, Ontario


Workplace Stress & Insomnia


“I feel great. Sleeping has improved remarkably and I feel much better equipped to handle stress.  Additionally I find that I am much more able to leave stress at work rather than letting it affect me at home. I feel hopeful that the effects are lasting and provide me with tools to addressing issues going forward. Thanks Paul!”

– James

Toronto, Ontario


Weight Issues & Motivation


“Paul has a great welcoming personality that makes it easy to apply hypnotherapy to someone who isn’t familiar with the process. Through our sessions he has given me the fundamentals to create better choices and live by them. All in all, I feel positive in the progression that I’ve made physically and mentally with his help. It has been very successful as the “homework” helps you recreate the therapy at your convenience and will give you constant reassurance about your progression. This approach goes straight to the root of the issue and let’s you be the driver. This method works best for me as it’s a lot more mental which gives me a more positive feedback. It has met all my expectations and more. Paul is a gem. Keep up the good work!”

 – Junmar

Toronto, Ontario


Low Self-Esteem & Not Feeling Authentic


“Right after my session with Paul, I felt really great. Then I needed some time to process all of it. A few days later I noticed that my behaviour changed. I started sharing with people, allowing myself to be vulnerable, and not necessarily only positive stuff. That wouldn’t have happened before the session. Also things are getting much more into the flow with much less resistance. I feel working with him has made a real permanent difference. He works much faster than others. His service has absolutely met my expectations and I look forward to working with him again.”

– Danielle

Amsterdam, North Holland

The Netherlands 

Fear Of Not Being Accepted


“Each day has been a curious transformation since a BWRT Skype session with Paul. Some benefits noticed so far are increased energy and a fine-tuned focus for myself, work, and interaction with others; an absolute indifference to the obligatory espresso(s) each day; a better understanding of what drives me and why; and a general heightened clarity and confidence. Thank you.”

– Ianthe



Fear Of Public Speaking


“I had my presentation this morning and it went really well! I didn’t feel the anxiety I would normally have leading up to it. It just felt like I have done them before. Any nerves I had were the normal nerves before presenting. I have another presentation on Wednesday and I am pretty excited about it because I am presenting something of my own work. I am actually looking forward to it. Thanks for working your magic! I believe that hypnosis made all the difference.”

– Monica

Toronto, Ontario


Self-Worth Issues


“I often felt I was walking a tightrope and looking down, shaking and eventually falling.

Now I walk a tightrope and my head is up and I’m looking forward.”

– Michelle

Toronto, Ontario


Workplace Stress & Anxiety


“I was referred to Paul by a colleague who experienced very positive changes after a couple of sessions. I wanted to try a different method of dealing with workplace stress-anxiety issues and after three sessions have experienced positive changes as well. I had an immediate change in how I felt about the issue, which was on a deeper level than before. It reached an emotional level which traditional therapy had not been completely successful in reaching. It was also an immediate feeling change. I am very satisfied with the results.”

– David

Toronto, Ontario


Fear Of Eating In Front Of People & General Anxiety


“I worked with Paul to reduce my anxiety over skype. My confidence since then got bigger and I don’t feel so overwhelmed by my negative thoughts about anxious situations. Also the moment when the usual anxious situations happened are now not really disturbing anymore 🙂

I think BWRT improved my confidence and my anxious levels a lot. The color we used for the “confidence feeling” is now my reminder to get to this feeling again

I never used BWRT before. It was a very interesting approach and very helpful.”

– Tobias

Munich, Bavaria


PDSD: Prolonged Duress Stress Disorder


“I felt comfortable and at ease with Paul from the very start of our sessions together and have been so pleased to finally put behind me some of the issues I have been struggling with since early childhood. It was only following my therapy with Paul that I realised just what a heavy weight I had been carrying for all these years.

Many thanks for your outstanding support in helping me to overcome the anxiety and fear that have been part of my everyday life until now. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone considering using your services.”

– Alison

Cheltenham, England

United Kingdom

Quitting Smoking


“I went to Paul for help with quitting smoking. I have attempted to quit before but was never completely successful. Even though I wasn’t smoking I always thought of myself as a smoker who didn’t smoke and I would always relapse. After my meetings with Paul I believe I will be successful and now consider myself a non-smoker. So far it has been very successful. The cravings were few and far between and very easy to manage. Paul addressed the deeper issues and reasons why I was resorting to smoking past and present which has been very important to my success so far. Working with Paul has exceeded my expectations.”

– Christine

Toronto, Ontario


Nail Biting


“Had a super enjoyable time at my hypnosis appointment with Paul Norrish for my nail-biting problem. Paul and his space were both very welcoming, comfortable and calming. Haven’t bitten my nails in almost a week since my appointment! Highly recommended.”

– Brittney

Toronto, Ontario


Quitting Smoking


“I went to Paul for help with quitting smoking. I’m amazed at how easy he is to relax with and trust. His process and hypnosis really help.”

– Lisa

Toronto, Ontario


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