What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis Is A Process


Hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility.

It is a way of communicating directly with the unconscious mind without conscious interference.

Think of hypnosis as a process that pulls the unconscious mind forward and pushes the conscious mind into the background.

Hypnosis makes it possible for you to rewrite the programs beneath the surface of your conscious awareness to make deep, powerful changes by moving past your conscious mind and directly accessing your unconscious mind.

The Conscious Vs The Unconscious Mind

The Conscious Mind Vs. The Unconscious Mind

The conscious mind is rational, logical, and thinks that it’s in control.

But it’s not.

If the conscious mind was in control it’d be easy for you to make personal changes through willpower alone.

The critical faculty is like a filter.

It prevents any new information from coming in that doesn’t match what you already think, feel, and believe.

The Unconscious mind is the imaginative and impulsive part of you.

It is creative, free, and uninhibited.

Your unconscious mind is in charge of your emotions.

It is the place where you store all of your memories.

It is in charge of your beliefs, your behaviours, and your attitudes.

The unconscious mind is extremely suggestible, but it is heavily guarded by your critical faculty.

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